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Master's Massage

Using warm oils and heated towels, our Master Level Therapists will tailor your treatment to effectively ease pain, reduce tension and leave you blissfully relaxed.


CBD Oil Option

Enhance your massage with our hemp-derived CBD oil, a natural way to reduce pain, inflammation and anxiety. CBD can be effective in addressing a range of muscle aches, arthritis and chronic pain. In addition to using CBD Oil, we also incorporate a deeply penetrating Sore Muscle Balm, an ancient Ayurvedic blend of potent and deeply penetrating essential oils designed to relieve sore muscles, aches and joint pain. CBD Oil can be added to any massage, except the Thai Massage, for an additional $25.


Deep Tissue Sports Massage

This style of massage focuses on the deeper layers of muscle tissue, releasing chronic patterns of tension in the body through slow strokes and deep finger pressure.


The Ultimate Stress-Buster

This treatment is specially designed to target the effects of stress - tight and aching muscles, headache and overall anxiety. Using an ancient Ayurvedic blend of potent essential oils, along with a series of hot towels, you receive a full body massage with special focus on the neck and shoulders, ending under a heat blanket with an extra foot massage. You will come out feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and uplifted.


Indo-Asian Hot Stone Massage

Experience a release of stress and inflammation as you are massaged with alternating heated and cooled stones. Our deeply penetrating stone massage, utilizing varying temperatures, will bring about profound relaxation and optimal deep tissue healing.


Thai Massage

Thai Massage is the ultimate sublime body workout that has been passed down through generations. Traditional Thai Massage, which takes place on a floor mat, employs pressure points and stretching techniques to release tension and increase vitality and flexibility. Guests wear loose-fitting clothing while receiving this treatment.


Bliss Package

For optimal relaxationand a more youthful appearance, the Bliss Package adds a half hour of additional bliss to any of the above massage treatments. Begin with a massage designed to relaxe often tense face and scalp muscles. Then enjoy a nutrient rich face mask and cream for deep hydration and optimal nourishment to the face. Finish with a uniquely blended hot oil hair mask to promote healthy and brilliant hair growth.


Rose Petal Baths

Throughout asia, bathing rituals are an integral part of physical as well as spiritual cleansing.We invite you to fulle integrate the benefits of a relaxing massage or facial with a heavenly soak in one of our solid granite tubs. Sip Javanese ginger tea, nibble on friuts and a homemade organic truffle, enjoy the glow of the firepalce in winter or the song of birds singing in summer,and luxuriate in an ocean of rose petals. This is Nirvana!


Foot Fetish

Give your feet the attention they deserve by adding an additional 30 minutes to your massage, devoted solely to your feet. The foot fetish includes a foot polish and focused foot massage. We'll have you walking on clouds when you leave.


Scrub & Shower

Follow your massage with a rejuvenating and nourishing scrub. Choose from: sea salt/French white clay for detoxification; brown sugar/cinnamon for gentle exfoliation; raw cacao/brown rice powder for an antioxidant boost; or brown rice powder/sandalwood/turmeric to aid in circulation. End with a relaxing steamy shower. You will emerge glowing and revived.



Because we use only the highest quality organic oils in our treatments, we recommend that you leave the oil on your skin for optimal hydration and benefit.We recognize that this is sometimes not practical,and offer the option of booking your room for additional time for the use of a private shower.


Nirvana Custom Facial

No matter your skin type, our estheticians are here to work with you and design a custom facial specifically formulated for your skin type. Prone to break outs and oiliness? Our Purifying Facial utilizes a natural and highly effective series of carefully selected products - cleanser, tonic, serum and mask – to actively draw pimples and blackheads to the surface, purify bacteria, and minimize the appearance of pores. Your skin will feel and look deeply cleansed, revitalized and rehabilitated. Our Hydrating Facial is designed for dry, parched and dehydrated skin which is challenged and depleted by travel, age and climate changes. Your skin will be saturated with a nutrient-rich mask fortified with antioxidants, followed by applications of intensive moisture treatments, serums and hydrating hydrosols. Experience the feeling of fully quenched, reconstituted and refreshed skin.


Bio-Energy Lift™ Facial

This multi-step treatment removes impurities and exfoliates devitalized skin, without irritation, using liquid microdermabrasion technology, while at the same time infusing the skin with our Bio-Energy Lift™ Serum--a blend of a Copper & Amino Acid Complex and Sea Fern Extract to firm, lift and re-energize the skin. Combining ultrasonic and micro-current technologies with Naturopathica's high performance ingredients, this treatment will visibly reduce fine lines and wrinkles as it firms and plumps the skin. You will experience lasting results of smooth, radiant skin.


Natural Face Lift

This regenerating and high-performance facial treatment features Naturopathica’s Plant Stem Cell Booster Serum, which works to actively slow cellular aging while plumping and firming the skin. The natural face lift treatment includes an ultra-hydrating hyalauronic cream to deliver deep hydration and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. For maximum results, this facial incorporates ultrasonic and micro-current technology that increases product penetration and stimulates collagen renewal, resulting in visibly more toned and youthful skin.


Holistic Probiotic Facial - NEW!

If your skin is feeling dull, sensitive or dehydrated, you’ve probably compromised your skin barrier. This custom facial, featuring Naturopathica’s Manuka Honey Cleansing Balm and Kombucha Bio-Cellulose Mask, will strengthen your skin for radiance that lasts. Both products contain probiotics, peptides and anti-oxidants to reinforce the skin barrier, the outer layer of skin responsible for protecting against the effects of age, pollution, and sun exposure. Manuka Honey is not only especially hydrating, nourishing and soothing for the skin, its anti-inflammatory effects can also decrease acne breakouts and speed up recovery from old acne scars. The Kombucha Mask will immediately replenish the skin barrier using the probiotic culture of Kombucha, along with a serum of Black Currant Seed Oil to lock in hydration, giving you remarkably luminous skin.


Traditional Asian Facial

This treatment incorporates traditional Asian beauty recipes of elixirs to cleanse, refine and hydrate your skin. Fresh avocado, banana, papaya, cucumber, brown rice, honey, yogurt and lemon are used, depending on skin type, to bring a youthful and radiant glow to your skin. Please reserve 24 hours in advance.


Rejuvinating Cherry Blossom Facial

Revive and find new life in your skin with this "Rejuvinating Facial", formulated especially for dull, lifeless and uninspired skin. This facial stimulates and regenerates the skin. A beautiful aromatic enzyme mask of cherry puree, pomegranate and red grape seed extract resurfaces, nourishes and accelerates healthier cellular processes.


Chocolate Decadence Facial

The Chocolate Decadence Facial begins with a ritual foot washing as you sip a super high antioxidant chocolate drink. The facial incorporates organic raw cacao, rice powder, honey, yogurt and cocoa butter. Cacao, before processing, is the highest antioxidant plant in existence. Antioxidants neutralize free radicals--rogue oxygen molecules -- that can accelerate aging and cause over 200 degenerative diseases. Antioxidants are also wonderful for your skin because they absorb free radicals, which cause cell and tissue damage and can lead to premature aging. The flavanoids found in chocolate not only nourish and protect your skin, but also increase blood flow, giving you a more youthful and radiant appearance. This is our new favorite!


Facial Add-Ons

Target facials may add any of the following three options for additional relaxation and bliss. *Hand, foot and decollete lymph drainage: Add a hand, foot and décolleté lymph drainage treatment to your facial for additional relaxation and bliss. *Hot oil scalp and hair treatment: Designed to release tension and add hydration and nourishment to the hair. *Eye & Lip Contour Treatment: This is an intensive treatment using ultrasonic and micro-current technologies designed to smooth fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes and lips, and to reduce puffiness and under-eye discoloration.


Javanese Lulur (Mandi Lulur)

This treatment originated in the palaces of Java in the 17th century, and was enjoyed by Javanese princesses as they prepared for their wedding day. The Lulur is a truly delicious experience, which will leave the skin soft, supple and shining. Begin with a ritual foot scrub while sipping Jamu tonic, followed by a jasmine oil massage. Then the entire body is slathered with yogurt and honey before being painted with the traditional Javanese "lulur’, a granular paste containing tumeric, sandalwood, and rice powder. The paste is then rubbed to gently exfoliate the skin, after which you are seated in the shower, allowing the yogurt and honey to permeate the skin. The yogurt’s enzymes stimulate cell activity and restore the skin’s PH balance, while the honey acts to nourish, soften and moisturize the skin. After rinsing off, you are invited to soak in a fragrant, warm, rose-petal bath, sipping hot Javanese Ginger Tea.


Ocean and Flowers

This is a truly relaxing experience, as well as being extremely beneficial as an anti-cellulite treatment. Begin with a relaxing foot bath, while sipping a healthful Jamu tonic. This is followed by a massage using long, undulating strokes, similar to the rhythm of ocean waves. Following this is a detoxifying seaweed body mask, after which the skin is lightly coated with finely ground sea salt and volcanic the The mineral-rich clay and seaweed seeps into the skin to break down fat cells, and the exfoliation process leaves the skin silky smooth. After rinsing off, you are invited to luxuriate in a rose petal filled bath while sipping hot Javanese ginger tea.


Brown Sugar & Papaya

This delightfully sensual experience begins with a ritual foot scrub while sipping our healthful Xochi chocolate elixer. After a heavenly one hour massage, the body is smeared with essential oils and pureed papaya, whose enzymes will soften and revitalize the skin. Following is a scrub with brown sugar and cinnamon for a gentle and mouth-watering body polish. We allow the skin to soak in all the healthful benefits of the papaya so you emerge with skin like a baby. After a good rinse in the shower, you will finish with a soak in a rose-petal bath while sipping Javanese ginger tea and nibbling on fruits and homemade organic truffle.


Lemongrass and Coconut Indulgence

Restore youthful radiance with coconut's natural emollients and skin softeners. This luscious treatment will nourish and hydrate dry skin, while the antioxidants found in coconut will repair damage to skin from age and sun. Coconut oil's ability to nourish, hydrate and heal the skin has been well known in the tropics for centuries. Coconut's natural emollients and antioxidants help to restore youthful radiance, keeping connective tissues strong and supple so skin does not sag and wrinkle. During this luscious treatment, the coconut oil will penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin to strengthen underlying tissues. Lastly, coconut's abundant antioxidants will help to repair damage to the skin from age and sun exposure.


Balinese Boreh**

The warming Boreh is especially formulated to help with muscle aches, arhritis,fever,headacheand to fight the common cold. It will also increase blood circulation and soften the skin. **This is the only deluxe treatment that does not include the rose petal bath. Instead, once the mask is applied the body is wrapped in warming blankets and you will recieve a long and relaxing foot massage. You then rinse off in your own private shower.


Chocolate Decadence

Cacao, before processing, is the highest antioxidant plant in existence. Antioxidants neutralize free radicals--rogue oxygen molecules -- that can accelerate aging and cause over 200 degenerative diseases. Antioxidants are also wonderful for your skin because they absorb free radicals, which cause cell and tissue damage and can lead to premature aging. The flavanoids found in chocolate both increase blood flow and help protect & nourish your skin, giving you a more radiant and youthful appearance. This is truly heaven on earth for chocolate lovers. We feel it is our best treatment yet!


Nirvana In Chocolate

If you would like to find Nirvana In Chocolate, may we suggest the two hour Chocolate Decadence Deluxe Treatment in addition to the ninety minute Chocolate Decadence Facial. You will leave glowing on the inside and the outside.


Heaven on Earth

For a truly relaxing and heavenly experience, add a rejuvenating anti-aging facial following any of the above deluxe treatments.


Spring Renewal Facial Special

Bring a youthful glow back to your face with a luxurious Cherry Blossom Facial. An aromatic enzyme mask of cherry puree, pomegranate and red grape seed extracts resurfaces, nourishes and accelerates healthier cellular processes. *60 minutes for just $105 - a $15 savings* Plus: 15% off all Naturopathica Products


Spring Renewal Special

Renew and rejuvenate while getting ready for bathing suit weather. Nourish dry winter skin as you are drenched in warm, organic oils during a relaxing one-hour massage. Exfoliate with a mineral-rich French white clay and sea salt scrub, followed by a Belizian Seaweed mask: these natural ingredients seep deeply into the skin, breaking down fat cells while getting rid of cellulite. After a steamy hot shower in the privacy of your room, you will emerge feeling radiant and glowing.


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